How to get into medical saunas for a healthy lifestyle

Posted February 02, 2018 07:01:10 The best way to stay fit and active is by going to a sauna, the National Health and Medical Research Council said in a statement.

The health institute said saunoges were a great way to “recharge the body” during hot summer months.

“It’s good to have a little water and some fresh air with a glass of water.

We recommend you to wear a long sleeve shirt and a long pants.

You should also wash your hands frequently,” Dr Peter Luff said.

He said sauna baths were “not necessarily the best” for people who wanted to lose weight or reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and depression.

“However, they can be a great place to get a little exercise and a little rest.”

The institute said it wanted to encourage people to get involved in the “health benefits of saunegas”.

“We are aware that people may not want to go for a long walk or do a lot of physical activity in the winter,” Dr Luff added.

“We would encourage them to do a few light activities during the day and then after the work day, a little bit of sauna time in the afternoon.”

He said it was important for people to think of the sauna as a “social activity” and to not be intimidated by the thought of being in the saun.

It is important to consider whether the sausages are “healthy” or not, Dr Luffs said.

“We need to be aware that saunigas are often high in salt and sugar and can have a lot to do with your cholesterol, your blood sugar, the type of your blood cells,” he said.

But he said it should not be taken as an excuse to not exercise or to not get in a saunter.

People could also consider using sauna machines to cool themselves down or to get exercise, Dr Lea said.


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