The world’s oldest sauna

It’s been said that saunas are for old people.

Yet for many, they’re also for young people who can’t get enough of the soothing smell of fresh water and the soothing sensation of their hands warming the skin on their backs.

A team of Australian researchers says it’s time for a new trend: for the first time, saunists in their 20s are taking to the sauna.

Their first study has found that sauna use among young people in Australia has increased by over 100 per cent between 2007 and 2016, according to research published in the Journal of Environmental Health.

“We have seen a rapid increase in young sauna users, which is an encouraging trend, and the increase in older sauna and spa users has been even faster,” lead author Dr Daniel Kallen said.

The researchers studied 2,769 people between the ages of 15 and 29, and found that the average age of sauna user increased from 25.4 to 27.6 years from 2007 to 2016.

In the US, young people are spending more time in the saunos than in public spaces, the researchers found.

A sauna is not a safe place for kids or anyone else.

It’s a place where you can’t feel comfortable, and it’s not safe for people who might be at risk for illness, stress or depression.

Dr Kallens team say the use of saunaries by adults is a safe option for people with a need for privacy.

They found that most sauners surveyed did not feel unsafe in their saunies.

But the study also found that younger saunters were more likely to use their sauna for health reasons, such as for weight loss, or for personal health reasons.

Dr Kallenten says saunage-based healthcare is an emerging market and there’s no doubt there are risks associated with the use and exposure of these products.

He said there’s a need to educate the public on the potential risks of these health products, especially among people who are young, male or overweight.

“We’re not saying that everyone should go out and try a sauna; there are some benefits of saundas that are not necessarily obvious,” he said.

“But we want to be more clear about what they’re for, and what they might not be for.

We need to be a little more educated about the benefits of these kinds of products and what the risks might be.”

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