‘Punch Drunk’: South Korean woman ‘killed’ by husband for eating eggs

A South Korean man was found guilty on Monday of fatally beating his wife to death with a sauna egg after she was found drunk in the bathtub. 

Prosecutors said that after his wife’s death, she was left to die alone in a bathtub with the door open. 

The judge also ordered him to pay her a “reasonable amount of money” and “the court will not punish him” for the incident, a prosecutor said.

The 29-year-old, surnamed Park, was arrested last year after his 40-year old wife went to the police to report that he had raped her after they broke up.

The woman had initially told police that her husband had punched her in the stomach and punched her face several times, but that she later discovered a large egg in her hand.

The court heard that on the night of her death, her boyfriend left her alone with the egg and went to bed, leaving the room empty. 

Police found the eggs in the man’s car and said that the couple were likely involved in a sexual relationship, according to prosecutors.

Police found a small knife and a piece of a condom on the bed, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said that while the woman did not eat the eggs, she “knew that she had eaten eggs and that they were safe.”

The woman was taken to hospital and later died.

The case sparked outrage in South Korea, where a popular trend called “punch drunk” involves beating women to death by dropping eggs on their heads.


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