What to do if you find naked men in a sauna

Naked men are everywhere, but a new study suggests they’re mostly harmless.

It turns out the real problem with them is the people who like to get naked.

“There’s a misconception that men are attracted to them,” study author Dr. Jens A. Schulze told LiveScience.

“But that’s not really true.”

The idea that naked men attract women is based on a study by a Japanese-based research group, the Ajinomoto University.

Researchers asked 2,000 people to describe themselves as male or female.

Half the people said they were attracted to men, while the other half were attracted by women.

“If we think of ourselves as men, it is because we are attracted by a person who is more than our physical attributes,” Schulz said.

The people who were attracted only to women had a higher probability of having a lifetime of sexual experience.

It’s hard to say what’s causing the attraction in the first place, he added.

But it’s possible that a person’s sexual history may affect how much they want to sleep with someone, he said.

It was also unclear why people in the study were more likely to say they were sexually attracted to other men than to women.

Schultze said his team was interested in whether there was any overlap in the attraction between different types of men and women.

People who have a history of sexual and physical attraction toward men tend to have an easier time falling in love, he explained.

“It’s just not a big difference between male and female,” Schultzes said.

For the study, researchers surveyed 2,081 participants, ages 18 to 65, about their sex lives.

Those who were sexually and physically attracted to both sexes were significantly more likely than those who were not to have a lifetime history of a sexual or physical relationship with a partner of the opposite sex.

Those participants were more than twice as likely as people who didn’t have a sexual relationship to have sexual and/or physical attraction to both genders.

But people who have been sexually and/ or physically attracted toward both sexes had a much higher likelihood of having had a lifetime relationship with someone of the same gender than the opposite gender, the study found.

SchULZ said the results were important because they could be used to help prevent a number of unwanted behaviors.

“You can avoid being an object of attraction,” he said, “by being more aware of your sexual history.”

LiveScience senior writer Elizabeth Landau contributed to this report.

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