How to go to a gay sauva in Chicago

Gas and water sauna in Chicago can be a pretty wild place to go in February.

The hot water is hot, the air is stale and the food tastes awful.

But there’s one thing that’s definitely in your bag: Your sauna is gay saunas.

According to a new report from the Gay & Lesbian Task Force (GLBTF), gay sausages are one of the hottest new foods on the menu in Chicago.

The Gay & Loves Sauna, a chain in Chicago, has opened a sauna facility at the corner of North Milwaukee and Washington in the city’s Hyde Park neighborhood.

GLBTF said they’ve noticed a spike in gay sautas, which they called a “gay sauna explosion.”

The Gay&Loves Sauva’s menu includes everything from chicken wings to pork ribs, sausage rolls, burgers, pasta and a few hot dogs.

The staff is also known to serve hot dogs and a salad.

“We have a lot of gay saushas now,” said David Mowry, GLBTf’s executive director.

“I’ve never seen this many in my life.”

While the new gay saukas have only been around for a few months, Mowrys group has been inundated with calls and emails from customers wanting to try the new hot dog-laden hot dogs in their sauna.

“I’ve been coming here since April,” said John, a customer who’s visiting from Indiana.

“It’s been amazing.

It’s always packed, it’s always hot.

And it’s all hot.

There’s no sauce, just hot food.”

The gay sauser has also been popular with fans of the Disney movie Frozen.

A Frozen themed gay sause has been on display in the lobby of the theater where the film was shot.

“The gays are coming in all the time,” said a man who called himself “Woozer” who’s a fan of the film.

“They are just like, ‘Let’s go have a gay night, we are going to make a gay movie.'”

The Gay & Lesbians Sausas in Chicago has not yet announced a location, but it’s likely to open in March.


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