Maxxus: ‘You’ll need to be a big fish in a small pond’

A company called Maxxus has announced plans to build a sauna for up to 200 people in a £5 million building in Brighton, which it claims will help people feel better after a summer of sunburns.

The project, which has been called “a bold and bold vision”, will have four hot tubs, five steam rooms, a spa, a saunas kitchen and sauna and spa services, and a cafe.

The sauna will also offer yoga and other classes, as well as a sawhorse, and the business says the building will be “perfect for people who want to experience the benefits of living in the sauna.”

“We are so excited about this project that we are going to open it in the summer,” Maxxus said in a statement.

It is the place to be.” “

The sauna has become a central part of the culture of the Brighton area.

It is the place to be.”

The building will have five hot tub, five steaming rooms, five saunAS a sauté, five hot bath, five spa services and a café.

The cafe will be a “cool place to eat”, the business added.

It also says the saunA as well has been designed to cater for people with “health issues” such as asthma, asthma symptoms and other conditions.

It will include a saver and a saucer, and will feature a “vacuum pump”, a “dryer”, and a “faucet”, according to the company.

The building, which will be called “Maxxus”, is set to open in the autumn.

A spokesman for the business, who asked not to be named, said the “unique design” and “unique” building “will bring a unique feel to the community”.

“We believe it is the perfect setting for this project,” he said.

The company said it had “a commitment to be transparent about its work”.

The building is expected to open to the public in 2019.

“Our ambition is to make Brighton a place where the world’s first sauna is built,” the spokesman said.

“It’s going to be the next chapter of the Maxxus brand.”

The project is expected have a £15 million price tag.

A previous plan to build the sauAS in a hotel was rejected in 2015.

In a statement, the city council said the decision was made because of the “complexities of this project”.

Brighton’s chief executive, Richard West, said it was important to be clear that the project was “an entirely new idea” and that the city’s plans were still in development.

“There are no plans to redevelop the old buildings in Brighton,” he told the BBC.

“Brighton has a very high quality of life, and we need to maintain that quality of living and improve the quality of people’s lives in Brighton.”

The development is expected be the first in Brighton’s “new generation” of sauna building, where residents are encouraged to take their sauna time by taking advantage of a heated pool. “

However, it is not possible to give an update on whether or not any further public services will be provided, and, therefore, the planning permission for this demolition was granted.”

The development is expected be the first in Brighton’s “new generation” of sauna building, where residents are encouraged to take their sauna time by taking advantage of a heated pool.

It has also been criticised for a lack of transparency over its plans, with a former Brighton councillor claiming the city was planning the building to become “the city’s new sauna”.

In a letter to the council, the councillor, Richard McBride, said he had been “incredibly disappointed” to hear about the plans.

“I was shocked when I found out what this new project is, given that we have a large population of people who come and visit us, which are not only able to enjoy our sauna but also to get in the hot tub and shower,” he wrote.

“To me it is just a waste of money and the city should be investing in the development of more leisure facilities, which is something we do not have a lot of money for.”

The council’s new plan to “create a new generation of saunAs” has also drawn criticism.

The council said that it would consult with residents and would “make decisions about how we proceed”.

The council was also accused of not providing information about its plans to the press, and failing to tell residents the “buildings site” would be on a site adjacent to the city centre.

It said it would also “review the plans for the project”.

A statement from Brighton’s mayor, Stephen Gethins, said: “[This] will be an important step in ensuring the new generation sauna works in


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