When should you go to a sauna?

The answer is, probably not, according to a new study published in the journal Preventive Medicine.

Sauna use is now becoming more common, but the research shows that the average number of sauna sessions in the UK is lower than it was 50 years ago.

This study, by the University of Kent, also found that the UK was experiencing a “slow but steady” increase in the number of people having sauna baths.

The authors say that sauna bathing is not only an excellent way to cool down, it can help with mood disorders.

“In fact, it’s actually linked to mental health disorders, and it’s not just for people who are very tired,” said Dr Helen Smith, who led the research.

“People who use sauna can also have better moods, which could potentially lead to anxiety and depression.”

The research also found a correlation between the number and frequency of saunas and overall health, which was very encouraging.

“It’s definitely important to use the right method and get the right equipment and avoid getting a bad shower or bath experience.”

The research involved comparing data from around the world, and compared sauna use across a wide range of populations.

“We used a large dataset from more than 100 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands and Switzerland,” Dr Smith said.

“While sauna and bath use was not linked to an increased risk of heart disease or stroke, it was linked to a higher incidence of cancer, dementia, and other cancers.”

She said it’s important to remember that people who had access to sauna facilities had a lower risk of a range of health problems, including depression and anxiety.

“So, for example, if you had access a saunabath and you also had an increased likelihood of having depression and other mental health issues, then you could potentially get worse than people who didn’t have access to those facilities,” she said.

Dr Smith also found the link between sauna usage and health benefits could be more than just a health issue.

“One of the reasons that saunapod baths are so popular is that they’re a very relaxing and therapeutic way of relaxing,” she explained.

“This study shows that saunnas also can be a very good way to improve mental health.”

The study found that people in the developed world were using the same number of bath sessions, but there were fewer saunabs per capita in the US, and more people were using them in Europe and Australia.

The research was funded by the Wellcome Trust.



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