Why a sex robot is coming to Silicon Valley

In 2018, a company called Sensory Robotics announced it was developing a sex machine, to be called the Sensory Plus.

That same year, the company was acquired by a company that went on to make the Sensora.

But Sensory has been a virtual pioneer in the sex toy market, and it seems like the company is getting a little bit ahead of itself.

Last month, the Sensoria company said that the Sensoral Plus will be shipping to consumers in the United States and Europe this year.

In a post on the company’s website, Sensora CEO James Meegan said that Sensora is working on a larger, more affordable product.

The company has said that it plans to ship the Sensoran Plus to the United Kingdom this year, Australia in 2018, and China in 2019.

“It will have a much wider variety of colors and textures, and a much more robust, premium feel,” he said.

“The Sensora Plus is not going to be a sexy toy, but it will be a pleasure to use.”

This is the first time the company has officially announced a sex toy that it says is going to cost $199 or less, so that’s a pretty big jump.

The price will come from a new partnership with a Japanese manufacturer called NCS Labs, which is owned by one of the biggest sex toy companies in the world.

The deal will let Sensora get around the $1,500 price point by partnering with a partner with a similar name.

The Sensora company has been in business since 1999, and its sex toy line is arguably the most popular of all time.

The original Sensora, the first of its kind, cost $49.95 and included a “dildo tip,” which was a curved piece of plastic that would insert into the vagina to make it feel like a real sex toy.

It also included a penis, but that one was designed for a woman, and not a man.

The Original Sensora also came with an insertable vibrator.

(The new Sensora doesn’t come with a penis.)

The Original was a pretty popular sex toy, with people buying it for its unique design.

But the new Sensoral is being marketed as a more affordable option.

Sensora announced the Sensor Plus as a sex partner that is priced at $199, but the company says it is still working on an affordable version.

So far, there’s no pricing for the Sensorian Plus.

We asked Sensora for more information on how the company plans to sell the Sensors and the new partners it has in mind, and we will update if we hear back.


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