Coronavirus is a bad idea for gay sauna users

In a recent article, the New York Times reported that gay men were increasingly choosing to get rid of their hot water sauna baths due to concerns about the virus and concerns about how long they could stay safe.

The article stated that sauna bath owners have complained about concerns that their hot tubs would catch fire.

While there’s no proof that this is the case, it’s worth noting that this type of heated water can catch fire and cause serious injuries.

In fact, an article from CNN recently reported that the average American is exposed to the virus at least once every month.

A 2015 study published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine found that the virus is spread through sweat.

The main reason that gay saunas are a popular option for gay men is the fact that they can be very quiet.

This means that there’s little to no risk of exposure to the infection, as hot water can be heated in your sauna without any risk of overheating your body.

Another popular reason that saunapods are a hot option for straight men is because they’re so discreet.

If you don’t mind the fact you’re going to spend the entire day naked in your hot tub, then saunaps are the perfect choice for your gay saucy buddy.

If you’re a gay man who enjoys hot baths, you may not want to go to a gay saunga in the future, but there are other options that are much safer for you.

The following are just a few of the options that you can consider if you want to stay safe while in the shower.1.

A Therapeutic Bath Spa with a Therapeutically Correct Laundry DetergentTherapeutic baths are a great way to make your gay man more comfortable in the bedroom.

Therapeutics are substances that treat a specific illness and/or condition, such as AIDS, cancer, or depression.

A therapeutic bath, or a sauna for short, can treat a number of different conditions, including:1.


Crohn’s disease1.

Anorexia nervosa1.

Colds and flu1.


Pain related to a physical disability1.


Chronic fatigue syndrome1.

Coccyx formation1.

Colorectal cancer and fibrosis1.

Heart failure1.


Fibrous tissue disorders1.


Hair loss1.

Irritable bowel syndrome1,2.

Irreversible knee damage1.

Lymphoma and lymphoma1.

Multiple sclerosis1.

Musculoskeletal disorders1, 2.

Ovarian cancer1.

Ovary cancer3.

Post-surgical pain and/ or fever4.

Sore throat5.

Severe abdominal pain and discomfort6.



Spontaneous heart failure9.

Stomach ulcers10.

Thoracic outlet obstruction11.

Urine retention12.

Urea nitrogen depletion13.

Urethral fistula14.

Weight loss15.

Weight regain


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