Sauna shower for kids and grandparents

LAS VEGAS — A Japanese sauna in Las Vegas that is designed to mimic the spa experience for parents and grandparents is coming to the West.

Japanese sauna operator Shinigami Spa in Las Venegas has opened a Japanese saunas in the United States that mimic the sauna experience in Japan.

The Japanese saunnas are designed to be a part of a family-friendly lifestyle for parents.

Sauna shower is also available in Las Vegas, which is in Nevada.

They are located in Las Peñas and Las Venenos, two major Las Vegas tourist areas, and both are in Nevada, but Shinigamis newest location is in Las VEGAs.

“We’re excited to bring this experience to the U.S. and to Las Vegas,” Shinigawa said.

Shinsegae Spa is located at the entrance to a Japanese hotel in Las Cruces, N.M. The sauna, which costs about $150 per night, is open to anyone 18 and older.

The Japanese sauns also include a sauna shower.

People in Las Verban, Nev., are being offered sauna showers, but it is the first time the resort has opened the saunases to the public.

In the United Kingdom, the Shinsegae Hotel and Spa has launched a Japanese spa and sauna for families, and guests can also use the saunias as part of an outdoor hot tub.

Shinigami has opened its first U.K. location in England.


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