How to get the best facial sauna experience in Seattle

I had a great time at the Sunlighten Sauna Steamer in Seattle, but I had to ask a couple of questions.

The best question: Where does the steamer get its name?

I know I’m the kind of guy who likes to think of it as the ‘sauna for the sun, but you might want to ask my wife, as the steam room is pretty large.

But, the steaming steam is actually a kind of steam room, with the steam coming from a small pipe running through the back of the machine.

When you sit down at the table, you get a massage, a steam bath, and a sauna.

The steamer’s purpose is to give you a massage that will warm your body, but the steam is also used to melt ice and give you some extra warmth.

The sauna is also a good place to get some extra shade, since it’s not hot and the steam gives it some warmth.

Sunlight’s sauna steam room was set up like this, with a large open sauna tub in the back.

The Sunlight sauna was set inside, and it was the only sauna available.

I had never been to a saunas before, but after I sat down, I felt like I was in a room of people, and I felt comfortable.

SunLighten was located right next to the SunLight sauna in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, and the service was fast, friendly, and very good.

I also found it convenient because there were several restaurants that could take my reservations, including Sunlight, which is located a few blocks away.

SunLights sauna costs $45 a person, and if you book ahead you can get a saucy massage, sauna massage, or steam room for $50 a person.

Sun Lights is located at 4200 Fremont St. and has a reservation line for Friday, July 13.

The sun sauna’s staff is friendly, efficient, and professional.

If you have questions about Sun Loves saunats or about Sun Lighten, call the SunLoves sauna at (206) 623-8200.

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