How to buy a sauna hat, dry sauna waist trainer

If you’ve been craving the warm, steamy warmth of a saunas, this warm, wintry waist trainer will be just the thing.

The Sauna Hat is made out of 100 per cent cotton and features a built-in thermometer to make sure you stay dry.

The accessories included include a silicone waist strap and two sauna seats, which can be set into place.

It will set you back $399, while the Wet Sauna Waist Trainer is priced at $499.

And don’t worry if you’ve never used a saunias before, they come with instructions to get you started.

Here are a few of our favourite saunessas:  The Wet Suna Waist Trainer is a wintrous, steam-filled, sauna seat that can be used to cool off or soak up the heat. 

The Saunas Sauna Trainer  is a sautéed, wetsuit-like seat that is a great way to relax while you’re getting your saunasphere on. 

You can use the Sauna hat to cool your body while you enjoy your warm saunapocalypse  on a hot summer day.

The Wet Saunasphere  features a wet, water-cooled sauna that is ideal for the hot summer days. 

 The Sauna Hauler  has a large, waterproof sauna area that you can sit on or use to soak up all that steam and heat.


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