Which sauna-banana store is the best in town?

The owners of a South Australian sauna shop are claiming that the best sauna in town is in Adelaide.

In a new TV commercial, they say the best place to get the best bang for your buck is in the Adelaide sauna, which is also called the Tumbleweed sauna.

“When you have a great sauna it is like having a hot tub in the backyard,” one of the owners says.

“The water temperature is really hot.

It’s really nice to be in the sauna.”

The commercial, titled A Hot Tub in the Home of the Best, says the Tangleweed saunas “bring together the beauty of the saunae, the smell of the trees and the soothing aroma of the fresh air” to make it “one of the best indoor sauna and hot tubs in town”.

“We have been selling the Tallywort sauna to South Australians for the last 10 years,” one owner said.

“It is the absolute best in Adelaide.”

Tallyworts are the native South Australian trees that grow in the forests of the Southern Alps.

The sauna is open 24 hours a day.

“We only have two full-time employees,” the owner says.

“If you are not at home, we have one customer per day.”

The Tanglewort is one of South Australia’s largest trees and is often referred to as the saucer tree.

“It is a very beautiful tree and I am very proud of the Tallest,” the man says.

The Tallyws are a rare species that grow on the south-eastern edge of Adelaide and are very popular with tourists.

“They are a very unique tree, and they are really beautiful to look at,” Mr Williams said.

He says the saucers are a great way to spend time outside.

“I have a family of five and it is a great idea to see them from your front door.”

There is a really good sun-drenched view from our front door to our back door, so it is quite cool,” he said.

The owner says the best part of the day is when he has to walk the dogs to get his customers to come back home.”

We do have some very nice dogs,” he says.


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