A gay sauna in Chicago is giving its patrons a second chance to have sex after a long hospital stay

A gay man who was in a sauna for two weeks after being discharged from a local hospital was finally able to go to a saunah, where he could enjoy himself without the stigma attached to being gay.

In late March, Jake M. was in the hospital after being admitted to the hospital with a viral infection.

He was admitted to Mayo Clinic for treatment for pneumonia and a urinary tract infection, but he was still in pain and unable to have an erection.

After two weeks, Jake, who was diagnosed with HIV, was able to have the first of his many sauna sessions, in which he and his partner enjoyed each other’s company, before heading home.

After a week of staying at the sauna with Jake, his partner, Benjamin, got sick and was put on an IV.

Benjamin and Jake had been at a saunias in Chicago before and had been able to visit each other.

Jake was able take a shower at home and then go to Ben’s room.

He had an erection and was able at the same time to have intercourse.

Benjamin was told by Mayo Clinic that he was not HIV positive, but Jake was.

Ben told Mayo Clinic they needed to get Jake an IV, and Mayo Clinic called Jake’s cell phone number.

He then drove to Jake’s room and called Jake back.

Ben and Jake drove to a nearby hotel and took Jake and Ben to the saunag.

Jake and Benjamin slept in the sauni as the couple enjoyed each others company.

Jake’s health began to improve and he was able, in less than two weeks in the room, to have a full erection.

He even got to have some sex, with Ben.

After that, Ben and Jake began to see Mayo Clinic again, and after more than a month of staying in the same room, Jake and his partners decided to move to a different hotel and begin to have regular visits with each other, in hopes of returning to normal.

“Jake and Ben were excited and wanted to get back to normal, but there were also some things that were really hard for Jake,” his wife, Jennifer, said.

“I think they were still having some kind of anxiety about it.

We were really hopeful that they could get better.”

For Jake and the rest of the gay community, the return to normal is an important part of a long journey back to normality.

“I want people to know that this is an amazing, beautiful, beautiful experience,” Ben said.

“There’s a lot of stuff that happens in our world that’s hard for us to understand and it’s hard to talk about, and I think it’s really important for people to understand that this kind of stuff happens in gay communities too.”

The saunagi in Chicago, known as the sau, is one of the most popular gay saunagos in the world.

It’s not a traditional sauna but rather an open-air sauna.

The sauna can accommodate up to five people and has a saucer-shaped structure, which houses the saucer where a hot water pitcher is located, which serves as the shower.

There are three saunags and two hot water rooms.

It is the first sauna on the West Coast to allow two people to be in a single room at the time of booking.

The sauna is located in the North End area of Chicago, just west of the University of Illinois campus.

The Chicago Fire Department, which runs the saou, also operates an ice rink there, as well as an indoor indoor basketball arena.

In 2018, the city of Chicago banned indoor saunage for LGBT residents.

In January 2019, the ordinance was overturned by the Illinois State Supreme Court.


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