What is the ozone sauna?

It’s an outdoor sauna in the foothills of Himalayan mountains in Maharashtra state, the only state in India with such a facility.

The sun-soaked room is located on the outskirts of the city of Nashik, near the borders with Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

It is the largest outdoor saunas in the world, and the state government says it is the best in the country.

Its location and the sauna’s popularity have made it a magnet for tourists, who flock there to cool off and enjoy a day out with the animals.

The sauna has attracted a growing number of visitors since the government started offering saunatas at a fraction of the price of hotels.

But critics have said the facilities lack transparency and the government is not being transparent about the environmental impact.

A group of environmental groups launched a petition to have the facility shut down, but the government has refused to shut it down.

The petition has been backed by activists from the Indian Environmental Research Association and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

“There is a growing concern over the health and safety of the animals and people in the saunag.

The facilities are not transparent,” said Nandan Chitre, an environmental campaigner with the Wildlife Action Network.

“We want to see them shut down because they are not sustainable.”

The National Green Tribunal has rejected the petition, saying that the saunta is a national treasure and has a high social and cultural value.

It has also directed the Maharashtra government to submit an official plan for a comprehensive plan to address the environmental concerns raised by the petitioners.

The petitioners are worried that the government might not follow up, and they are also planning to take legal action against the government.

The National Green Commission, which was created in 2004 to oversee environmental protection, is still working on a report on the sauti.


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