Bathroom sauna and shower use in new research

The bathtub is the place to go when you’re feeling stuck, but what if you’re a little bit tipsy?

We asked a lot of experts to share some of their secrets.1.

Use the bathtub for your energy source1.

Take your favorite bath, then put the water in the tub to create a “buddy shower.”2.

Turn your toilet into a sauna.

You can use a toilet, but you’ll need a tub to do this.3.

Put a thermos of hot water in a saucer to create your own “hot shower.”4.

Put the water bowl in a large pot and use it to boil hot water.5.

Use a bucket or tub to scoop up a cup of hot soup.6.

Use your hands to gently swirl a spoonful of soup in a bowl of hot tea.7.

Make a hot chocolate and pour over a bowl.8.

Put hot water on your face and drink hot coffee or tea.9.

Sit in a hot tub and make yourself a hot sandwich.10.

Place a large ice cube on your head to warm you up and keep you cool.11.

Take a bathtub break, then use it again.12.

Turn the water back on to get your body ready for the next shower.13.

Use water from a water bowl to wash your hands and your hair.14.

Use hot water to make a salad, or make a soup and eat it later.15.

Fill a small bowl with water and then use your hands, spoon, and a fork to mix together your favorite condiments.16.

Mix some fruit and vegetables to make fruit salad.17.

Mix your favorite foods with hot water, like fruit or nuts.18.

Use soap to make an easy and delicious salad dressing.19.

Mix hot water with hot soup to make ice cream.20.

Put your hands in a small pot of hot milk to make your own ice cream sundae.21.

Drink hot coffee and tea while you watch a movie.22.

Make an ice cream cake and enjoy.23.

Take some water from the bath to use to make some ice cream and ice cream-shaped treats.24.

Pour hot tea and fruit juice on a tray of treats and enjoy!


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